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Security bollards installed by experienced Perth based team
Bollards are short vertical posts predominantly used for barrier protection from motor vehicles. FenceWright offers a wide range of security bollards in steel and timber to suit a variety of applications.
Bollards are often used in parks, recreation centres or sporting complexes, schools, shopping centres, warehouses and factories across the state. They manage vehicle flow and restrict access when required. They can also act as a crash barrier to prevent vehicles from crashing into your property or protected area. Bollards can also be supplied as a retracting unit, meaning you can raise and lower them as required.
Not just a security measure, bollards also function as a design feature, segregating areas, protecting Perth storefronts and directing pedestrians without the need for a full fencing solution. Available in a range of styles and colours, they can be customised to match and complement the existing environment.
From simple timber posts to ram proof security bollards, there is a range of options and styles to suit your project needs.
Timber bollards come in a variety of standardised lengths and are economical, cost-effective and attractive. A range of decorative tops and trims are available, including flat top, dome top, chamfer top, pointed top and rebate timber bollards.
For added strength and protection, steel bollards can be filled with concrete to prohibit vehicles and function as an anti-ram barrier. These heavy-duty bollard solutions will stop almost any unwanted vehicle entry.
FenceWright also offers retractable and removable bollards to customers across Perth.
Retractable or automated bollards can limit access to an area whenever desired, with manual or automatic operation. This can be controlled with a push-button, remote access or a PIN code.
FenceWright is a trusted provider of bollards throughout Australia, from design through to supply and install.
For maximum protection, bollards need to be installed by professionals who understand the optimal distancing and materials required.
All our bollards are manufactured, supplied and installed in accordance with relevant Australian Standards.
For all your Perth metro and regional WA bollard needs, trust a 100% Indigenous and traditional owner-owned team that is fast becoming Australia’s security fencing company of choice.

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