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With a long-established relationship with the biggest mining companies in Australia, Karlka FenceWright designs, fabricates, supplies and installs security fencing to the resources industry across the nation.

Our team has the training and equipment necessary to service the mining, construction and civil sectors with the highest standard of work. This service includes advanced excavation and drilling services.

We offer a comprehensive rock drilling service with extensively trained and qualified rock drillers on call. Karlka FenceWright has delivered rock drilling services to major mine sites across Australia.

Speak to the Karlka FenceWright Brisbane team about our new down-the-hole hammer drills. These advanced pieces of machinery can excavate fence post footings in all manner of difficult rocky terrain and are one of the most efficient methods to drill hard rock. DTH drills use a high-speed hammer akin to a jackhammer that accurately breaks through the ground, converting it to dust that is safely dispersed by an air exhaust.

After the rock has been drilled through, installing your new security fence or gate is as simple as in the Brisbane metro.

In the north of WA, Karlka FenceWright recently utilised DTH drilling at the Naval Communication Station Harold E. Holt RAAF base, supplying and installing 1600 lineal metres of security chain mesh fencing right into the solid rock terrain.

The coast of Queensland and north of Bundaberg is subject to cyclones and intensive weather. In these areas, Karlka FenceWright can install cyclone tie-downs to keep your assets from being damaged or dislocated. Common applications for cyclone tie-downs include pipe stands and trusses, portable accommodation, water tanks and other heavy equipment. By pressure grouting the cyclone tie-downs directly into the cement, they can provide a high level of stability.

If you have sensitive electrical assets, such as power stations, substations, transformers or power poles, we can also provide an earth rod drilling and installation service. This service will make sure your area is safely earthed and can be undertaken in Brisbane city or regional Australia. For a thorough seal, the drilled holes are subsequently refilled with pressure-injected grout surfacing.

All Karlka FenceWright products are methodically tested with meticulous quality control and conform to necessary Australian Standards, as well as the exhaustive OH&S requirements of the mining and construction sectors.
If you are looking for high quality and efficient rock drilling in Brisbane or across the eastern states, trust a 100% Indigenous and traditional owner owned team that is fast becoming Australia’s security fencing company of choice.

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