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Also known as windbreak fencing, wind or construction fencing is a legal requirement for most building or civil works sites, whether they are in Brisbane city or rural Australia.

Wind and construction fencing provides sturdy and dependable protection from the elements and acts as a visual barrier to maintain privacy and segregation. Essential for dust suppression, wind and construction fencing is typically made from chain wire or farm mesh fencing and uses shade cloths to shield against the dust generated from earthworks and construction. In addition to dust dispersion, the boundary delineation provided by wind and construction fencing ensures building sites remain secure throughout the duration of a project.

Robust and flexible, wind and construction fencing is a cost-effective solution that is simple to work with and easy to install.


Permanent and semi-permanent options are available for construction and temporary hoarding fencing to suit projects of varying lengths.

Constructed with plywood, timber or Colorbond panels, hoarding fencing can be customised to meet your requirements and budget.

For additional customisation, shade cloth is available in 50%, 70% and 90% shade rate densities. If you would like to promote a brand, Karlka FenceWright can screen print banner mesh with the logo of your business, making it a high exposure and affordable advertisement.

In sensitive environments such as gardens, nurseries, farming and beaches, wind break fencing is widely considered to be an essential measure to shield against the elements, from heavy winds and rainfall to sand or dust storms. Wind fencing is also used in agricultural environments to protect crops and livestock.

Often seen in sporting events, pop-ups and entertainment, temporary hoarding and fencing is generally a legal requirement, managing pedestrian flow and clearly delineating zone boundaries.

Being lightweight and easy to install makes construction, wind and hoarding fencing popular choices for building sites throughout Brisbane.

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The Karlka FenceWright Brisbane team offers design, supply, fabrication and installation of windbreak, temporary hoarding and construction fencing. Our products are of the highest quality and adhere to all relevant Australian standards.
If you are looking for wind and construction fencing from Brisbane to Adelaide, trust a 100% Indigenous and traditional owner-owned team that is fast becoming Australia’s security fencing company of choice.

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