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Guardrails are a tried-and-tested safety barrier solution seen across Brisbane and the nation, often adjacent to roads, construction and mine sites, local councils, and commercial retail precincts.

Also known as Armco crash barriers, steel guardrail safety barriers include W-Beam and the newer ThrieBeam guardrails. Common uses include vehicle containment on dangerous sections of road such as sharp corners and steep drop offs, in warehouses and industrial areas where vehicles and heavy machinery are used, and for delineation of pedestrian pathways.

To keep people and assets protected, guardrails are the go-to for industrial and commercial applications, with rigorous crash testing ensuring they provide optimal safety.


Karlka FenceWright Brisbane supplies and installs all manner of guardrails, including W-Beam and ThrieBeam.

W-Beam guardrails are the most common in the world and utilise a post and block design to minimise the chance of a vehicle’s wheel snagging, in turn causing it to vault or rollover. With a high centre of gravity, W-Beam guardrails rate at a containment performance Test Level of 3 under the MASH system (Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware), making them a reliable and cost-effective guardrail choice. Easy to install, W-Beam guardrails can also be installed on curves and corners.

ThrieBeam guardrails are increasingly being used to provide roadside and bridge side barriers as they offer additional strength when compared to W-Beam guardrails. With additional corrugation and rigidity, ThrieBeam guardrails can restrain heavier load vehicles such as trucks or protect high accident-prone areas, avoiding steep ongoing maintenance costs.

Guardrails can also be hot dip galvanised for additional protection from the elements, or given specialised treatments to protect against the surrounding environment. Additional features, such as night reflectors and high visibility paint are also available.

Depending on the usage, rigidity and strength required, Karlka FenceWright Brisbane will advise on the best guardrail for your specific purpose while considering installation affordability, fencing integrity and safety. Transition barriers can also be installed between multiple types of guardrail, or from guardrails to permanent structures.

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Australian Standards

The Karlka FenceWright Brisbane team offers design, supply, fabrication and installation of guardrails.

Our products are of the highest quality and adhere to all relevant Australian standards, including hot-dip galvanisation standard AS 4680.

If you are looking for guardrail solutions, trust a 100% Indigenous and traditional owner-owned team that is fast becoming Australia’s security fencing company of choice.

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