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There is nothing quite like a high-quality timber fence. A popular choice across Australia for its natural look, affordability, durability and flexibility, timber fencing can be used for a wide range of applications – and the Karlka FenceWright Brisbane team are trusted and qualified installers, designers, and suppliers. Using high-quality Australian timber, our timber fencing is built to withstand the elements, from the hot Brisbane sun to the Blue Mountain snow.

Great for adding security, privacy and character to an area, timber fencing is often chosen to function as a natural extension of the surrounding environment. For areas that require soundproofing or noise reduction, timber fencing also boasts excellent acoustic properties.

From modern style slats to decorative heritage style pickets, Karlka FenceWright Brisbane is a holistic provider of timber fencing.


Timber fencing is highly customisable and can be made to a desired height and colour. Whether you are looking for a traditional paling fence or a more complex, intricate design, Karlka FenceWright has the product to suit. Natural timber can be stained in a variety of rich tones or painted to any colour of choice.

Standard paling timber fencing is typically made from treated pine. Not only is modern treated pine highly resistant to termites and rot, but it also requires minimal maintenance and is sustainably sourced. Streamlined, local production means minimal emissions, which means timber fencing causes less of an impact on the environment.

Paling fences can be lapped, where two layers of timber overlap to create a seamless and secure perimeter solution. Additionally, paling fencing can be capped with pine, neatly laid along the top of the fence for a more complete, robust look and further protection from intruders or the weather.

The Karlka FenceWright Brisbane team offers timber fencing maintenance and repair, and replacing a few palings makes timber fencing far easier to fix than other fencing products. Highly versatile, timber fencing can be installed on almost any site, including slopes.

We also design and fabricate custom timber gates.

Capability Statement

Australian Standards

The Karlka FenceWright Brisbane team offers design, supply, fabrication and installation of all manner of timber fencing products, compliant with rigid quality control and Australian standards.

There is no substitute for real, Australian timber, and our renewable pine is treated for maximum lifespan in accordance with AS 1604.

If you are looking for high-quality timber fencing anywhere from Brisbane to Adelaide, trust a 100% Indigenous and traditional owner-owned team that is fast becoming Australia’s security fencing company of choice.

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